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Stearns Financial Services Group, Inc. (SFSG) is a fee-only wealth management firm and investment advisor based in Greensboro, North Carolina with clients around the U.S. and Canada. Our clients appreciate a passion for excellence and enjoy working with experienced advisors who are both pro-active and responsive to their needs.
SFSG's advisors are knowledgeable and are dedicated to lifelong learning. They are regularly asked to participate in industry think tanks, lead workshops on best practices in financial planning and investment management, speak at regional and national conferences and contribute to leading financial magazines, newspapers and other publications.
Our professionals have advanced credentials including the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation, the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Registered Financial Gerontologist (RFG).
Stearns Financial is one of only a handful of financial services companies in North Carolina that has a full corporate commitment to the fiduciary oath of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). NAPFA has pioneered a set of standards of advisor education, training, and method of practice that truly serve the public interest, emphasizing objectivity, comprehensive planning, and broad training and experience.
SFSG has created a high benchmark for successful wealth management. We offer comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to individuals, closely held businesses and foundations.

Did You Know?
Over 90% of
SFSG's new business
comes from client referrals.
Dennis Stearns, CFP®, was a featured speaker at the May 2013 Financial Planning Association NorCal Conference in San Francisco. This is considered one of the top three most prestigious "best practices" events for leading financial advisors and planners to attend. Several other important sessions from this conference on future interest rate scenarios, our current budget deficit and future budget forecasts and behavioral finance landmines for investors and business executives have been summarized for our clients in our recent Poolside Chats and our Special Report on the Bond Market.
Dennis Stearns, CFP®
, was interviewed by numerous publications and media on Fiscal Cliff scenarios. An NPR affiliate ran a long radio interview with Dennis that integrated political scenarios with the powerful Super Trend effects on economic growth and future fiscal deficits. Stearns Financial's special report on political scenarios was highlighted in a North Carolina Technology Association political briefing.
Haleh Moddasser, CPA (Vice President - SFG Chapel Hill office), Sherry McKinney, CPA, CFP®(SFG Financial Planning Manager) and Pam Stearns, CPA (SFG Director of Financial Focus for Women) will be presenting quarterly workshops for women in 2013 with topics including the economy, investing, raising money smart kids and dealing with numerous aging challenges. Workshops will be held in the Triad and Triangle areas of North Carolina, but session materials are available to our clients, along with personal consultations, and to our clients around the country and overseas.
In the "truth is sometimes stranger than fiction" category, Dennis' advice on the risks of lending money to friends from a CNBC interview was featured in a gobankingrates.com article on why Charlie Sheen should not have lent money to Lindsay Lohan to pay her back taxes. Dennis outlined for CNBC the three types of borrowing friends: grounded, accident prone and maladjusted, and how strategies around lending to each might be different.
Meet Libby Stafford, Director of Wow. Our latest team addition is Libby Stafford rejoining our team after a five year absence in a newly created position called the Director of Wow. Libby's focus will be on areas of financial and estate planning where we can help clients be pro-active and even "pre-active," anticipating problems in advance and having good scenario action plans already worked out. She will also be helping our clients and advisory team handle many "bolt from the blue" client conundrums, including intelligent aging resources and career and life reinvention.

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